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LVP #104 : Info and Availability:

104A - 7x48 5mm-12mil : 3,185.18/sf
104B - 9x60 5mm-12mil : 1,458.60/sf
104C - 7x48 6.5mm-20mil : Special order only




LVP #104 offers an authentic wood-look style that features realistic knots and grains over brown and gray hues in high-variation shades. The vinyl plank flooring comes in large-format planks with a custom beveled-edge design that enhances the rustic look. The durable wearlayer on these 100% waterproof planks helps protect against things like spills, scratches, pet accidents, and sun damage to keep your LVP flooring looking their best for years to come. The pre-attached backing and easy-click system make installation a breeze for any residential or commercial project.. Also available trim items include end caps, stair noses, reducers, and T-molding in the matching pattern.

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